Introducing . . .Listing Launcher!
Introducing a new concept in listing marketing . . .
the Listing Launcher!

It's a sure bet that your sellers have NO idea of all the internet sites where their listing will appear, and probably NO idea of all the things you will do to promote that listing.

So this easy-to-use 2-page flyer explains to your sellers all the things you are going to do to market your new listing, and the hundreds of internet sites on which the listing will appear.

This FREE downloadable "Listing Launcher" flyer is provided in two formats - Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher - so you can edit the document to reflect how you plan to "launch" the listing!

MS Word Format      MS Publisher Format

Don't just list a property - Launch It!

After you win the listing, use our new "Listing Launcher" web page for one-click access to all the sites mentioned in the "Listing Launcher" flyer!