DBAAR created an “Adopt-A-Child Program” in 1990, and in 2011, the program served 14 different agencies and “adopted” over 500 children in the Volusia County area, representing tens of thousands of dollars in contributions each year. In 2006, the DBAAR formed a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary 501(c)3 corporation to make contributions to the program tax-deductible. After years of shopping for, transporting and storing, and ultimately packing the backpacks with supplies, DBAAR elected to raise money and contribute it to a school or schools in our area within the Volusia County public school system through an “Adopt-A-School” program. Modeling our Adopt-A-School program after successful private-public school partnership around the country, DBAAR will select one or more deserving schools and provide much-needed funds that would be specifically earmarked for the classrooms. This would impact all the students in the school instead of a few. It would also assist the teachers, who often pay for school supplies for their classrooms out-of-pocket. In essence, we would be establishing a grant program to benefit the educational needs of the students, which is one of the principal goals for which the DBAAR Foundation was created. To ensure the funds are spent appropriately, the school would be required to submit an “RFF” or Request for Funds form which would outline the specific use(s) of the funds. Once approved by the Member Services Committee and the Board of Directors, money could be directed towards the school’s needs.

Adopt-A-School Pledge
Substantiation of Charitable Giving Form

Target Schools Typically, Adopt-A-School programs are targeted towards elementary schools. The following is a list of the public elementary schools in our geographic area:

Champion Elementary School (formerly Hurst)
Cypress Creek Elementary School
Holly Hill School
Horizon Elementary School
Longstreet, R.J. Elementary School
Ormond Beach Elementary School
Ortona Elementary School
Osceola Elementary School
Palm Terrace Elementary School
Pathways Elementary School
Pine Trail Elementary School
Port Orange Elementary School
South Daytona Elementary School
Spruce Creek Elementary School
Sugar Mill Elementary School
Sweetwater Elementary School
Tomoka Elementary School
Turie T. Small Elementary School
Westside Elementary School