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eKey software for your smartphone is available for purchase at DBAAR. The cost is $13.09 per month billed directly by Supra, plus a $50 set-up fee.

Support for DKeys
DisplayKEY is Expired
How to Install USB Cradle Software DisplayKEY Battery is Low DisplayKEY is Stuck while Searching

DKey Documents
DisplayKEY Wallet Guide
DisplayKEY QuickStart
DisplayKEY Modem Cradle Instructions
DisplayKEY USB Cradle Instructions
DisplayKEY USB Powered Cradle Instructions DisplayKEY User Manual
DisplayKEY User Manual Addendum
DisplayKEY Error Codes

DKey Videos
How it Works
Showing a Listing
Placing a Bluetooth® iBox on a Listing
Getting Connected
Connecting your DisplayKEY Phone Cradle
Connecting your DisplayKEY USB Cradle
The DisplayKEY cradle no longer ships with or requires the AC adapter
Updating your DisplayKEY
View Showing Activity Helpful Information
Support for EKeys How to Authorize the eKEY Application
eKEY will not Pair with eKEY Fob or iBox™ BT
eKEY is Expired 

EKey Documents eKEY Error Codes

eKey Videos
Introduction to the Supra System
Updating the eKEY Software
Opening a Bluetooth® iBox with an Android
Opening a Bluetooth iBox with a BlackBerry
Opening a Bluetooth iBox with an iPhone
Releasing the shackle on a Bluetooth iBox with an Android
Releasing the shackle on a Bluetooth iBox with a BlackBerry
Releasing the shackle on a Bluetooth iBox with an iPhone
iBox Support
Unresponsive Keybox
How to Obtain a Shackle Code
How to Program a Keybox
How to Change a Call-Before-Showing Code

iBox Documents
iBox User Guide

iBox Bluetooth Support
Unresponsive KeyBox
Obtain Shackle Code
Programming Your keyBox
Change Call-Before-Showing (CBS) Code

iBox Bluetooth Documents
iBox BT User Guide

Releasing Shackle on an iBox BT
Opening iBox BT with an Android or BlackBerry  
SupraWeb Support
Bookmark SupraWEB
Login to SupraWEB
SupraWEB Single Sign On (SSO) Registration Assign a Listing to a Keybox
Manage Email Settings
Create Showing Activity Report

SupraWeb Documents Supra Best Practices GuideSupra