About the FLEX MLS System

DBAAR will switch to the FLEX MLS system in March, 2015. To help you get mentally ready for the change, here are just a few of the features of the new system.

Browser Choice
Flexmls Web follows web standards and works with multiple browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and mobile phone browsers as well.

Flexmls Mobile provides agents with on-the-go access to all the MLS data, photos, documents, and open house information.

Easy to Use
From the dashboard that gives one-click access to your key data to the pop-up free search results module, flexmls Web is designed to be easy to use.

Flexmls Web has sub-second average page delivery times.

FBS guarantees 99.9% uptime with its redundant and secure hosting facilities.

We call it flexmls because the system is flexible, conforming to your business instead of requiring you to conform your business to the system.

Unlimited Hi-Res Photos
Photos are the most sought-after listing content, so Flexmls Web allows you to upload as many hi-res photos as you need.

Layered Mapping
Street maps, parcel maps and aerial imagery are just the beginning with flexmls mapping. We can add any GIS layers available in your area.

Market and Inventory Stats
Track market activity and your productivity with graphical market reports tailored to your market areas, including absorption rates, price trends, and more.

Customer Portals and CRM
Flexmls Web contact management gives you deep insight into your customer's search activity through our customer portals.

Email Prospecting
Send your clients comprehensive emails that include photo tours, interactive maps, comparison statistics, and the ability to send you messages with their questions.

Powerful CMAs
Whether you need a CMA in a hurry or want to create a detailed comparative analysis with automatic and custom adjustments to the comps (from listings or non-MLS comps), Flexmls Web has a CMA for you.

Open House and Agent Tours
Search for and get reports on the open houses and agent tours scheduled, order the listings how you want and then send them to Google for driving directions in one click.

Hot Sheets
Keep up to date with activity in the MLS and your area with the custom hot sheet that tracks the last time you viewed it and allows you to tailor the hot sheet to just the info and area you want.

Mobile IDX and Portals
Flexmls mobile IDX literally puts the MLS in the hand of your customer.